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Meet Our Media Content

It is important nowadays to stay connected with our community, for that, we have selected the best platforms in order to provide a better communication with you. Our main social media platforms are Youtube,, Facebook and Instagram. We gadly invite you to give us a follow so you can be aware of all the news related to the HAITIAN CHRISTIAN MINISTRY ARIZONA


Youtube Channel

On our youtube channel, we invite you to watch both our live Sunday Services and our previous videos. We livestream every Sunday starting at 1:00PM (AZ Timezone) and the broadcast will be uploaded the next day.



This is our main platform when it comes to share any quote, message and events related to HCM. We remind you every week the regular events such as the HCM Podcast episodes and the Sunday Serrvice livestreams. You can follow us as well! Any message you’d like to send to our community will be received over here as well.


HCM Podcast

We have used as main platform but you can listen to it in Spotify and Google Podcast as well. A new episode is uploaded every thursday at 2:00PM (AZ Timezone)



Here you will receive all kind of news, articles and posts related to HCM. You can follow us and watch the Sunday Service livestreaming as well. You can send us any message here in Facebook and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!



Here you can check on every update HCM has for you. We'll be announcing every news and events from our community. Follow us!

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