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Our Vision

Is to introduce the Haitian Community to the plain truth of the Gospel, and then challenging them to establish a firm relationship with God.

We welcome you

Upon seeing the need for Christ in Arizona, Haitian Christian Ministry (HCM) and its leaders embarked on a journey to present the pure Gospel in its fullness. With a vision to introduce the Haitian community to the plain truth of the Gospel and challenging them to establish a firm relationship with God, HCM established its first sets of domestic services in the summer of 2002.

Our Beginnins

Upon being called to minister in Arizona, the leaders of Haitian Christian Ministry set out on a journey to introduce the Haitian community to the plain truth of the Gospel and challenge them to establish a firm relationship with God. With a focus on spiritual growth and discipleship, HCM began its first set of domestic services in the Summer of 2002 and went on to officially open its doors as an established center of worship in Chandler, Arizona on November 24th, 2002.


Where Are We

Currently in 2020, God has continued to provide for us. We have great news! HCM is working on a church building project. Praise the Lord! God has blessed us with a piece of land that has been completely paid for and we are working on building a center of worship on it. The project has just begun and we are trusting God to see it through. We are so thrilled with what God is doing with our ministry and the opportunities He is giving us to serve Him. We are immensely blessed! God remains faithful and is once again showing us that He is with us. We are excited to see where God is leading us.

Our Journey


From the very beginning, God has been with us. He has allowed us to grow exponentially and has flourished our ministry. We have seen so many good days. Many have come to Christ and have been baptized. We have held countless revivals, conferences and workshops. Concerts, talent shows, banquets, and many other events have been hosted by HCM. Relationships and friendships have been formed with local, interstate, and international churches and ministries. We have gone on mission trips to Cuba, Africa, and more. We have engaged in community outreach and have helped many families in need. God has sustained us and has granted us the ability to serve Him and serve others.


Our Community

Equipping our church to do the work of the ministry: through coaching, mentoring, reproducible leadership development and service for Christ.

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About Us

Meet the community leaders and pastors


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Our Generosity is changing lives. ¡Help the HCM community!

Next Steps

Everyone has a next step. Let the Haitian Church help you take that step and discover God’s plan for your life:

Let’s try to be like Jesus.

Give and serve.

Let’s impact others while you impact yourself.

Let us help you discover your gift.

We can offer a variety of classes to help you and others build relationships and grow in your faith throughout every stage of life.

Welcome Christ in your life.

Baptism is a huge celebration in Christian living.

New life in Christ.

Get involved in one or more of our Group Ministries to grow in your faith and build strong friendships in our church family.

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Our Schedule

Worship & Praise 1:00 PM

Prayer Service 7:00 PM

Prayer Meeting 9:00 AM

Our Location

If you find difficult to find us on the map,
here's our address:

9339 E. Hunt Hwy
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Get In touch

If you have any concerns
regarding our community,
we invite you to message us:

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